Note: If the web build doesn't run smoothly, you might want to give the Windows build a try. Make sure to play in a 16:9 resolution.

"Your satisfaction is on the top 10 of our to-do list."

A game about a workplace from hell that thrives on taking control away from its employees. Play as a new hire for the shadiest company in existence for as long as your sanity holds.

Made in 48 hours for the Game Maker's Tool Kit Jam 2020. Mouse highly recommended.


  • Whimsical and fully accurate office simulation
  • Six levels that are totally definitely fair
  • Riveting dialogue that made at least one person cry
  • A sense of pride and accomplishment, probably


Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(68 total ratings)
AuthorsOnefin, Alex Huang, Noah Kuhn
Made, FL Studio, Unity, Paint Tool SAI, Audacity, GIMP
TagsArcade, Comedy, Game Maker's Toolkit Jam
Average sessionA few minutes


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id still pay money for a zen mode

This was great! It was really stressful, but I liked it, and I think that it would work really well as a competitive online game.


is it even possible to get three stars on all the levels? I barely managed one!


It was possible for me when we were making it. The scoring system was 100% not playtested lol


Yup all  my sanity left my body on Day 6

this game is so fun but so stressful i love it

I can't see the difference of the fake paper and real paper??


Look at the title of the paper.

Real: Letter Fake: Latter

Real: Contract Fake: Contact

Real: Survey Fake: Survay

O thank you, i really couldn't get any idea what was it

how do you play

I think this game fot phone because i btoke ma finger and hand when i playing


i practically broke my hand


On day 3, i started throwing all papers in the bin out of spite xd

this is certainly a hell of paperwork to follow, my mouse hands would probably be non-functional if adult paperwork starts to follow this

I had a lot of fun playing this game on my Wacom tablet...



This is so fuuuuuuuun

I return! Another question, how did you make it so when you stamp a paper the stamp prefab doesn't bleed over the paper? Originally, I thought it was sprite masks, but that doesn't seem right since they would appear when hovering over a second paper.


We did use sprite masks! On UI layers you can have it so that sprite masks apply only to a specific range of sorting orders (eg z levels 1 through 3). We made it so that page objects use even-numbered z layers and any contents on the page (signatures, check marks, stamps) use the z layer directly above its page. That way if you have a letter with s.order 0 and another with s.order 2, the stamp on letter 0 has s.order 1, which is masked by letter 2.

I didn't even know that was a function! Thank you, God of digital paperwork!

But wouldn't it still hover over a neighboring paper?

Yes but UI sprite masks only apply to the sorting z levels that you tell it to, so as long as we place every stamp on its own sorting order it works fine. If you're using a non-UI sprite mask then you don't get that flexibility (for some reason)


I just put things into the recycling bins.

Can anyone explain to me how he made the signature system work? I've been trying to replicate it for a week and have gotten nowhere -_-

(1 edit) (+1)

For each signature the game spawns a gameobject with a linerenderer component that adds points whenever the mouse is dragged to a certain delta distance. the points on the component are logged in local space, and the object is updated to follow changes in the page's position, rotation, and sorting layer.


I see... While that makes no sense to me right now, this is defiantly the clue I needed! Thanks so much fellow human!

hei... could you explain more about this mechanics....

how did you logged the local space of the line from the paper object

Unity's line renderer component keeps an array data structure in lineRenderer.points storing point values. Whenever I want a new point on the line, I add a value to the back of this array. To have the points be in local space you can set lineRenderer.useWorldSpace to false.

how did yoy guys set the boundary for the sign... I notice there is this rectangle on the paper, and yoy can only draw in that rectangle...

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On each signature there's an invisible rectangular region that tracks whether the mouse is hovering over it. With Unity UI you can do this out of the box with an Event Trigger component. In the code there is a check that only adds points to the signature if the rectangle is currently detecting a mouse hover.


i hate this game but it would be easier in real life when  you have two hands and where printers don't go that fast and where papers can be carried over top of the recycle bit ahh that would be nice



This is awesome! :D

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wtf is wrong with you people?


Reminds me of what it felt like to do taxes for the first time!


Yo, thanks for playing! You did pretty well :O


My pleasure! Maybe I'm just made for the office life. ;{D

can i go into full screen?


My friends, what would it take for this to be made into a full game? I adore the concept, the execution, and gameplay. I desire, more. And I would not believe that I am alone in this.
So, what would it take? An audience you know will play a full version? Sufficient money to fund production? Enough free time to work on such a task?

I await your response,



stupid idea cool game

Love the music! I could listen to the level theme all day.

On Windows, Winston is stuck forever with an empty speech box :(

I'm crying... u didn't even show how to sign contracts...


If the contracts aren't turning green, keep writing more! You got this


I don't suppose you're planning on making a zen mode or anything? It sounds crazy, but I'd probably play a chiller endless-mode edition of this for, like, hours. 


This is actually a really good idea

pleeeeease omg. the overexaggerated papers in the main story mode is comical but if it was just a barely-manageable amount of papers and you only lost when you let it get out of control (ha ha) this would probably be my new favorite timewaster game ever

Nice game! Couldn't get 3 stars with a trackpad though, haha


Getting 3 stars with a trackpad is probably actually impossible


Id Love to play the game a bit smoother than the web build but when i start the windows build and start the game winston appears with a empty text box and nothing happens     please help me somehow because id love to play the gam


Oh gosh I just witnessed a similar bug in a different project I've been working on. No idea how to reproduce it though which is odd. Does this happen consistently?

(1 edit)

yes everytime i start the game. I thought that it was only on my pc so i downloaded the game on my brothers pc but there was the same issue :/ And for some reason i cant play the game full screen but this is something i care about less

I can't figure out how to produce this bug on my end :(
What version of Windows are you using?

Im using Windows 10


i love the game and the concept, but it keeps crashing my browser :((

if you're not using the app, i recommend doing so, but if  you are, sorry for being no help :/

Really amazing game! It reminds me of papers please. My only complain is that you didnt say whats the diffrens betwen reall papaers and fake ones so I was just gussin


Survays say that between glasses and contacts, people prefer the latter


this is way way funner than a game about writing onto surveys and trying not to send out typos has any right to be. I don't know what you did but something must be right here.

Seriously WOW this is actually really good, well polished, good design and GREAT gameplay ... somehow

Hi! Thanks for playing, glad it resonated with you :)

wait 1nf1n1ty i didnt know you  made games (ps i love your dark matter remix)

This makes me so stressed out :D 
Great jam game, I really hated the boss 10 / 10.


Thanks for playing! You can thank Alex for your amazing boss

I wonder why this has no comments. Maybe they are all in the ravine?

The comments from the jam submission page are supposed to appear here... but they don't.......